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Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Team

Our integrated team believes in the importance of team work and team spirit as it’s wholistic where everyone is both; taken care of and accounted for.

GIG's team consists of specialized factory management experts, production specialists, quality overseers, sales & purchasing managers, marketers, accountants, Research & Development experts, storage directors as well as the backbone of the team: the production line team. GIG's administration not only manages the facility, but also aims to meet all employees' needs, we optimize communication between team members at an optimum level in order to overcome any possible challenges and we dedicate great effort in creating a friendly working environment; supported by periodical workshops to help the team keep- up with the latest updates and technology in the market. GIG is keen to take into consideration a diverse pool of candidates from fresh graduates to experienced ones of which it nominates and hires its employees, accordingly that in its role will create a balanced, healthy team.


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Giant Industrial Group, 15, Al Mafraq, Jordan
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