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Al Emlaq Freshener

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Al Emlaq Freshener

Multipurpose Freshener

An effective freshening solution with refreshing natural scents that perfumes all house and clothes, it does not only cover bad smells but it also removes it.

Product Line

  • Freshener Blue Night
  • Freshener Bouquet
  • Freshener Jasmine
  • Freshener Lavender
  • Freshener Lemon
  • Freshener Pink Flowers
  • Freshener Tropical Flowers

Name Scent Sizes
Freshener Blue Night Ocean Breeze 750 ml
Freshener Bouquet Roses 750 ml
Freshener Jasmine Jasmine 750 ml
Freshener Lavender Lavender 750 ml
Freshener Lemon Lemon 750 ml
Freshener Pink Flowers Flowers 750 ml
Freshener Tropical Flowers Tropical Flowers 750 ml