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Leader ShopWe are Al Emlaq, or Giant Industrial Group (GIG), a company specialized in the production of home, clothes, and personal care products that was founded in 1991 by the Smadi brothers- Hassan and Mohammad. Initial production was composed of a single product, named after the company itself: Al Emlaq super gel, a green multipurpose cleaning product. From its earliest days, GIG followed a sustainable growth mentality. Twenty-Five years later, the company is still growing, along with its partners, agents, and its unique cadre.

Today, GIG has six registered brands, with more than 40 different types, sizes, flavors. Our product variety has increased significantly. Starting with the multipurpose Al Emlaq super gel 25 years ago, GIG now produces an array of home, clothes, and personal care products. We are proud of the fact that we export our products to 25 countries around the world, a number that will continue to grow as our partnerships and team grows as well.

GIG would not have earned its reputation without its unbroken commitment to distributors and partners. Our commitment to both distributor and consumer demands helped us grow to a production capacity of 60,000,000 kilograms of products annually. GIG's cadre consists of 240 professional and qualified administrators and staff, working at the company's state-of-the-art 95,000 meter squared facility.

GIG's administration follows a simple, yet effective strategy: sustainable growth. This is applied to all GIG ventures. GIG aims to establish mutually-beneficial relationships with any possible partner, focused on meeting the customers' needs first, while simultaneously maintaining lasting connections with agents, exporters, distributers, and partners of other sorts.

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Giant Industrial Group is headquartered in Mafraq, in north-west Jordan. All company operations take place at GIG's 95,000 meter squared facility, which includes the administrative, production, and storage facilities.

Our production facility consists of a plastic containers factory, where we design and produce our own packaging. Since its inception in 1997, this factory has allowed us to control the design and production of our packages, giving us great leverage over competitors, and helping us optimize production to meet customers' needs. Next are our personal, home, and clothes care factories. Each factory is supplied with its unique production line, fitting to the nature of the respective product. Each factory has its assigned lab which continuously tests samples from the production line to ensure our products meet the highest standards. In order to maintain functionality during surprise resource supply shocks or any other crisis, GIG maintains an amount of crude resources on standby that can be tapped into in times of crisis.

Our administrative facility includes offices, comfortable meeting rooms, an auditorium, a lecture hall, a training facility, and an emergency healthcare clinic. Employee housing is also attached to the administrative building.


GIG is mindful of the latest technology in the market. Our production lines are fully automated, supported by the most up to date machinery which our products go through during the production process.


We believe in the importance of having a wholistic team, where everyone is both cared and accounted for. Our team consists of specialized factory management experts, production specialists, quality overseers, sales and purchasing managers, marketers, accountants, research and development experts, storage directors, as well as the back bone of the team: the production line team. GIG's administration not only manages the facility, but also caters to the needs of all employees. We aim to maintain communication between team members at an optimum level in order to overcome any possible challenges, and we take great care in creating a friendly working environment, supported by periodical workshops to help the team keep up with the latest technology in the market. As the team grows, GIG is sure to look for both fresh talent, and experienced candidates.

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