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We are Giant Industrial Group (GIG)

Our company is specialized in producing home, garments & personal care products. It has been established in 1991 by the Smadi brothers - Hassan & Mohammed Smadi. We started as a small family business with one production line which is Al Emlaq Super Gel: a green multipurpose cleaning product. From the very beginning; GIG used to follow strategic thinking and long term planning; therefore, it has been growing, rapidly.


The main pillar and the foundation that GiG builds all its success on. As such, GiG sought to qualify for the highest levels of international quality certification for all its factories. Furthermore, partners and customers alike came to know and trust the consistent level of quality GiG offers. Learn more about our quality standards.


In line with its commitment towards fulfilling the needs of its customers, GiG continuously develops and adds new lines to its family of home, garments & personal care products. Furthermore, GiG ventured into new sectors covering both the food and decorative industries. Learn more about our factories.


GiG is keen on positively contributing to the wellbeing of its surroundings and community. As such, the Giant Industrial Group (GiG) upholds the highest environmentally friendly standards across all its operations; GiG’s factories are all powered by the largest solar power plant in Jordan. GiG also runs Jordan’s biggest Paulownia farm where it tends to over 22000 tree. Take


Giant Industrial Group (GiG) approach towards development is a multi-track one. The group works in parallel on upgrading its technology, enhancing its quality control abilities to match the highest international standards, expanding its annual production capacity of home and personal care products - which is now at 120 Million kilograms, adding more products to its family of 40+ products, and achieving self-sufficiency by producing its own containers and some of the raw material it needs locally.


Our partners were key contributors to every success throughout our journey. Here at GiG, we believe that working closely with those who share our work ethic is the secret to consistent and continuous growth. Our network of partners spans the five continents and opens the doors to new markets for our high-quality products. Find out how you can join the GiG network.


Every member of the 450-strong GiG family is a valued contributor to our growth and progress. Teamwork in GiG is not a motto, it is an everyday practice; everyone works with an entrepreneurial spirit and understands his role in the group’s overall success. To maintain the high levels of professionalism and enhance the capabilities of its team, GiG organizes periodical workshops aimed at introducing them to new technology and encourage them to take initiatives. We are always ready to welcome new talents. Join our family.

GIG GROUP Divisions

AFTER 31 YEARS OF DEDICATION and hard working; the company has expanded to have new partnerships with Unique Care and Customer Trust.

Marsina Decor

As a division of a group that embraces sustainability, Marsina produces environmentally friendly decorative panels that present customers with an attractive, practical, and economic alternative to traditional panels and wallpaper. The high quality, competitive prices, and safety standards of Marsina’s products made them a popular choice for hospitals, laboratories, malls, and hotels.
Marsina continues to add modern and aesthetically designed products to its line of décor solutions.


Verona Food Industries

In a drive to diversify its portfolio, GiG established Verona in 2016 as its first venture in the food industry sector. Applying its quality first principle, GiG succeeded in securing numerous quality certificates for Verona, including:

  • ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management
  • ISO 9001:2015

    Verona currently produces more than 1500 Ton / Year of confectionaries, candy, mamoul, and other high quality food products.


31 years of EXCELLENCE


Giant Industrial Group (GiG) plans its future growth on a solid track record of outstanding achievements it had attained over more than three decades.

Product Safety

Our integrated team believes in the importance of team work and team spirit as it's wholistic where everyone is both; taken care of and accounted for.















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